Firestorm-bin 2016-06-27 14-08-41-84

Half-doomed’s attire:

Body: Belleza ISIS

Hair: Eaters Coma – HAIR 68

Bracelet: TABOU Missy armjewelry Gold 

Toga: SHAHIN Womens Modern Toga 

Pose: Dyer Maker 


Skybox: Clemmm Studio Skybox textured

Tombstone: oOo Studio gravesite (RARE gacha prize)

Tombstone 2: oOo Studio gravesite (Gacha prize)

Fountain: Di’Cor Zoya Bird Bath White

Cross: {anc} EDEN cross (Gacha prize)

Candle: {anc} EDEN candle (Gacha prize)

Swallows: {anc} forget Swallow rosepink (Gacha prize)

                    {anc} forget Swallow nightblue (Gacha prize)

Doves: {anc} NO LIMITS flock of flying doves ham pink (Gacha prize)

              {anc} NO LIMITS flock of doves soda blue (Gacha prize)

Olive tree: {anc} EDEN olive tree old (Gacha prize)

Mist: {anc} mist cloud Heavenlyblue flat


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