LA Devotee

Firestorm-bin 2016-07-14 00-28-54-23

Half-doomed’s attire:

Hair: Opale Sea Hair

Bikini: Blueberry Peach Bikini

Choker: MINIMAL Catty Choker I  *4* (Gacha prize) [The Seasons Story]

Necklace: ASO! Edie1965 Alphabet Necklace platinum M-P


Backdrop: RAMA #selfie RAMA Beverly Hills (RARE gacha prize)  [The Gacha Guardians]

Tequila bottle: erratic home tequila (Gacha prize)

Glass: [Toiz] water cup (Gacha prize)

Pot 1 & 2: [Toiz] can rosemary (Gacha prize)

Pot 3: Kalopsia Cloudy Frithia Blue (Gacha prize)

Plant: [Breno] Croton (Gacha prize)

Cactus: [Breno] Cactus Bloom (Gacha prize)

Snake plant: MudHoney Piper Snake Plant (Gacha prize)

Aloe plaster: Kalopsia Aloe Plaster Pink (Gacha prize)


Half-doomed’s pose: *Eternal Dream* Show your shoes 08


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