Half-doomed, Semi-sweet


Firestorm-bin 2016-07-18 04-36-51-17

Firestorm-bin 2016-07-18 04-43-01-68

Half-doomed’s attire:

Hair: MURRAY Amanda Hairstyle / Mesh (@The Crystal Heart Festival)

Uniform: AMITOMO / rainy day’s morning / 2  (@Okinawa Summer Festival 2016(Gacha prize)

Umbrella: AMITOMO / rainy day’s morning / 12 (@Okinawa Summer Festival 2016(Gacha prize)

Bag: Toro. City Stroller Bag/Brown Canvas (Gacha prize)


Semi-sweet’s outfit:

Hair: AMITOMO A Feel of Spring Gacha (RARE gacha prize)

Glasses: [Toiz] broken silver glasses (group gift)

Mouth accessory: VCO Kiss me Hairband [ 3 ] (Gacha prize)

Choker: . offbeat . Sweet Honey gacha : simple choker WHITE (Gacha prize)

Uniform: AMITOMO / rainy day’s morning / 9 (@Okinawa Summer Festival 2016(Gacha prize)

Bracelet: *N* CANDY BRACELET B #6 (@Okinawa Summer Festival 2016(Gacha prize)

Nailpolish: alaskametro<3 Basic Pack nail polish (free in their MP store)

Kakigori:  [Toiz] 11. kakigori hawaiianblue (@Okinawa Summer Festival 2016) (Gacha prize)

Backpack: ohayo. pig backpack + pineapple (Gacha prize)



Shelf: [[RH]] Fu-rin Shelf (RARE gacha prize)

Booth Takoyaki: *:..Silvery K..:* TakoYaki Street Stall

Flag: [Toiz] 3. flag (@Okinawa Summer Festival 2016(Gacha prize)

Boxes: [Toiz] 4. box deco (@Okinawa Summer Festival 2016(Gacha prize)

Both Cotton Candy: *:..Silvery K..:* Cotton Candy Street Stall

Kakigori machine: [Toiz] 1. kakigori machine (@Okinawa Summer Festival 2016(Gacha prize)

Kakigori ichigo: [Toiz] 9. kakigori deco (ichigo) (@Okinawa Summer Festival 2016(Gacha prize)

Water ballon stall: *:..Silvery K..:* scooping water balloon decoration



Half-doomed’s pose: La Baguette Fallen 7

Semi-sweet’s pose: andika 01 (m) Guilty Pleasure (group gift)


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