Half-doomed, Semi-sweet

Wet sand

Firestorm-bin 2016-08-02 04-36-58-44

Half-doomed’s attire:

Hair: tram F211 hair (SALE until 12th August)

Bikini: Blueberry – One Piece Swimsuit – Isis 


Semi-sweet’s outfit:

Hair: miwa’s airship \ Hair#01 V1 (Gacha prize @The Gacha Garden)

Glasses: [Gift Shop] Round Sunglasses (Freebie 1L)

Lipstick: [Fetch] Freya Lipsticks (New! @Dreamful)

Choker: sue cream. yummy ice cream choker –  Yellow (Gacha prize @The Season Story)

Swimsuit: *{Junbug}* Splash Me If You Can (Mint) (FLF version still available in mainstore)

Popsicle: Area Cometa Rossa Manimani Icecandy Orange (Gacha prize)



Building: Toiz. 8. aloha juice bar (New! RARE gacha prize  @Dreamful)

Soda machine: *ionic* Soda Machine (Gacha prize)

Fruits: Toiz.  1. fruit (New! gacha prize @Dreamful)

Menu on wall: Toiz.  5. juice menu 2 (New! gacha prize @Dreamful)

Coconut smoothie: :CP: Tiki Pea Coconut Smoothie Decor

Blender: Toiz. 3. blender (New! gacha prize@Dreamful)

Cups: Toiz. 2. cups (New! gacha prize @Dreamful)

Menu on counter: Toiz.  4. juice menu 1 (New! gacha prize @Dreamful)

Surf board: Myth – Surfboards Decor Hawaii 2 (Hunt prize for Beach Bunny Hunt)

Neon sign: Toiz. 6. juice neon sign (New! gacha prize @Dreamful)



Half-doomed’s pose: *SHISEIDo?* Sexy Pose Second09

Semi-sweet’s pose: *SHISEIDo?* Situation03


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