Half-doomed, Semi-sweet


Firestorm-bin 2016-08-20 04-36-50-80


Hair: little bones. Chel (free gift)

Uniform: .tsg. Delinquent Uniform – Red [Belleza Exp Fit] (RARE prize gacha)

Collar: Kibitz – Leather collar psycho (gacha prize)

Necklace: Kibitz – MSG necklaces [silver] insane 2 (gacha prize)

Nail polish: A:S:S – Nail appliers – Metal dreams (free gift)

Gun: Bueno – Silent Gun -Pink 0 (gacha prize)



Hair: Doe Tasha /Unrigged/ [solid] – Colors (gacha prize @Kawaii Project)

Uniform: . offbeat . summer noon : schoolmizu color 3 (gacha prize)

Sneakers: fri. – Dottie.Sneaks (Candy) – Maitreya (@Kustom9)



Building: Toiz. 8. Pink lady go to Tokyo (RARE gacha prize @Bon Voyage)

Open suitcase: Toiz. 2. Pinklady’s suitcase (gacha prize @Bon Voyage)

Calendar: Toiz. 3. calendar (gacha prize @Bon Voyage)

School bag: .tsg. Booze Bag – Pink (gacha prize)

Bed: Toiz. pink bed (PG)

Map: Toiz. 5. Tokyo subway map (gacha prize @Bon Voyage)

Passports: Toiz. 4. passport (gacha prize @Bon Voyage)

Sofa: Toiz. 6. sofa (gacha prize @Bon Voyage)

Diary: Toiz.  7. Pinklady’s diary (gacha prize @Bon Voyage)

Bento: Toiz. 1. pink bento (gacha prize @Bon Voyage)



Half-doomed’s pose: Glamrus . Lea 02 .static (@Kawaii Project)

Semi-sweet’s pose: *SHISEIDo?* – Gst03


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