Hair: [monso] My Hair – Jihyo /Brown (@Kustom9)

Choker: CHAIN – Circute Choker 

Necklace: **GDit Jewelry & Outfits Apple Tree necklace – silver/topaz (HUNT prize) 

Sweater & Skirt: >> S@BBiA << Knit Sweater & Long Pleated Skirt (New! @CCB opens on 19th Nov)

Boots & Socks: >> S@BBiA <<  LaceUp ShortBoots (New! @CCB opens on 19th Nov)



Building: [MB] Sushi Restaurant Building set (CCB exclusive) (New! @CCB opens on 19th Nov)

Seafood plate: [MB] Sushi Restaurant – Fish Case (New! @CCB opens on 19th Nov)

Cooking board: [MB] Sushi Restaurant – cooking board (New! @CCB opens on 19th Nov)

Sushi displays: [MB] Sushi Restaurant – Sushi oke display &[MB] Sushi Restaurant -Sushi display (matsu) &[MB] Sushi Restaurant-Sushi display (take) (New! @CCB opens on 19th Nov)

Sushi rice: [MB] Sushi Restaurant – Sushi rice (New! @CCB opens on 19th Nov)

Tea: [MB] Sushi Restaurant – Sushi tea (New! @CCB opens on 19th Nov)

Flower base on wall: [MB] Sushi Restaurant-ikebana (wall type) (New! @CCB opens on 19th Nov)

Sake bottles: [MB] Sushi Restaurant-Sake Bottle E (New! @CCB opens on 19th Nov)

Sauces: [MB] Sushi Restaurant-Soy soce (New! @CCB opens on 19th Nov)

Sushi server: [MB] Sushi Restaurant-Sushi Server (New! @CCB opens on 19th Nov)



Semi-sweet’s pose: FIVE% BLOGGIN’ POSES entertainment #one – two. on the chair


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