Semi-sweet, serendipity poses, wasabi pills, [Fetch]

And I’m still having chase dreams



Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Lizzie Mesh Hair (New! @The Seasons Story)

Sleeping mask: [Fetch] Messy Sleeper – White Mask (New! gacha @Bloom)

Eyeshadow: FetchxVeechi – #6 Bold Matte Eyeshadow [catwa] (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Eyelashes: FetchxVeechi – #1 Wisp Eyelash Kit [catwa] RARE (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Blush: FetchxVeechi – #3 Petal Baked Blush [catwa] (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Top: [Fetch] Messy Sleeper – No Adult Shirt RARE (New! gacha @Bloom)

Pants: [Fetch] Messy Sleeper – Hearts Pants RARE (New! gacha @Bloom)

Brush: FetchxVeechi – Eyeshadow Brush 01 (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Wipe: FetchxVeechi – Makeup Remover Wipe [add] (New! gacha @The Epiphany)



Skybox: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Blanket Fort Skybox RARE (gacha item)

Bed: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Bed [PG] (gacha item)

Boxes: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Crate Table Crate Table & Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Record Crate (gacha item)

Vynils: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Record Pile (gacha item)

Record: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Record Player (gacha item)

Make-up pile: FetchxVeechi – Makeup Clutter RARE (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Palettes: FetchxVeechi – Natural Foiled Eyeshadow Palette & FetchxVeechi – Baked Blush in Petal & FetchxVeechi – Wisp Eyelash Kit RARE (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Wipes: FetchxVeechi – Makeup Wipes in Cucumber (New! gacha @The Epiphany)



Semi-sweet’s pose: Serendipity: tenderness…(2) (New! @HASHTAG Event)


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