CMYK Store, serendipity poses, wasabi pills, [Fetch]

Taller than you!



/Wasabi Pills/ Victoria Mesh Hair – A(@Uber)

/Wasabi Pills/ Avery Mesh Hair – Style 1 – A (@The Chapter Four)

[Fetch] Bunbun Skirt – Mait

[Fetch] Bunbun Wrap Shirt – White – mait




CMYK 8. Banilasky rare

CMYK// 5. Banilasky

CMYK// 2. Banilasky

CMYK// 3. Banilasky

CMYK// 1. Banilasky

CMYK// 7. Banilasky

CMYK// 6. Banilasky



Serendipity: ariella… (1) (@Spotlight Event)

CMYK Store, serendipity poses, Stardust, wasabi pills, [Fetch]

Million of ice-creams



/Wasabi Pills/ Jun Mesh Hair – A (@The Secret Hideout)

/Wasabi Pills/ Chichi Mesh Hair – A (@FaMESHed)

[Fetch] Betty Sunglasses (@The Secret Hideout)

[Fetch] Caro Harness Dress – Holo RARE (@Tha Gacha Garden)

[PPD] Playin Wif Da Boyz Tip Toe Sneakers

Stardust – Dolly Doll Dolores Tattoos (@The Secret Hideout)



CMYK 7. Give me that icecream (@The Secret Hideout)

CMYK 5. Give me that icecream (@The Secret Hideout)

CMYK 2. Give me that icecream (pinkstar) (@The Secret Hideout)

CMYK 2. Give me that icecream (bluemoon) (@The Secret Hideout)

CMYK 2. Give me that icecream (melonade) (@The Secret Hideout)

CMYK 6. Give me that icecream (cyan sky) (@The Secret Hideout)

CMYK 1. Give me that icecream (@The Secret Hideout)

CMYK 4. Give me that icecream (@The Secret Hideout)

CMYK// papers (@Limit8)

CMYK// 2. sakura bottles (@Limit8)

CMYK// 5. sakura bento (@Limit8)

CMYK// 3. sakura can beer (@Limit8)

CMYK// 4. sakura rug (@Limit8)



Serendipity: fragrance… (2)

Serendipity: confusion…(1)





serendipity poses, Stardust, wasabi pills, [Fetch]

Spider queen



Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ /Wasabi Pills/ Adamaris Mesh Hair – A (New! @Fantasy Faire)

Dress: [hh] Gigi Dress MAITREYA (group gift)

Spider arms: [Fetch] + [-AS-] Psyrachnid Bento Arms (New! @Fantasy Faire)


Serendipity: tenderness…(1) & Serendipity: dreaminess… (1) (New! @Hashtag Event)


Location: Whole Wheat

Semi-sweet, serendipity poses, wasabi pills, [Fetch]

And I’m still having chase dreams



Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Lizzie Mesh Hair (New! @The Seasons Story)

Sleeping mask: [Fetch] Messy Sleeper – White Mask (New! gacha @Bloom)

Eyeshadow: FetchxVeechi – #6 Bold Matte Eyeshadow [catwa] (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Eyelashes: FetchxVeechi – #1 Wisp Eyelash Kit [catwa] RARE (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Blush: FetchxVeechi – #3 Petal Baked Blush [catwa] (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Top: [Fetch] Messy Sleeper – No Adult Shirt RARE (New! gacha @Bloom)

Pants: [Fetch] Messy Sleeper – Hearts Pants RARE (New! gacha @Bloom)

Brush: FetchxVeechi – Eyeshadow Brush 01 (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Wipe: FetchxVeechi – Makeup Remover Wipe [add] (New! gacha @The Epiphany)



Skybox: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Blanket Fort Skybox RARE (gacha item)

Bed: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Bed [PG] (gacha item)

Boxes: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Crate Table Crate Table & Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Record Crate (gacha item)

Vynils: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Record Pile (gacha item)

Record: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Record Player (gacha item)

Make-up pile: FetchxVeechi – Makeup Clutter RARE (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Palettes: FetchxVeechi – Natural Foiled Eyeshadow Palette & FetchxVeechi – Baked Blush in Petal & FetchxVeechi – Wisp Eyelash Kit RARE (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Wipes: FetchxVeechi – Makeup Wipes in Cucumber (New! gacha @The Epiphany)



Semi-sweet’s pose: Serendipity: tenderness…(2) (New! @HASHTAG Event)

Semi-sweet, serendipity poses, Stardust, wasabi pills, [Fetch]

Lighter souls



Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Shizuko Mesh Hair – Style 1 – A – Basics (New! RARE gacha prize @The Chapter Four)

Eyelashes: [Fetch] Lash Out Lashes (coming soon 15th @The Liason Collaborative)

Gown: Barely Legal – Whisper Halter Gown (MTYA) Rose Flower (New! @Designer Showcase)

Tattoo: Stardust – Levana – Catwa HUD black & white tattoo & Stardust – Luna – Maitreya HUD black tattoo / (New! @The Project Se7en)



Semi-sweet’s pose: Serendipity: prettiness … (3) (New! @Spotlight event)


Location: Whole Wheat

Semi-sweet, serendipity poses, [Fetch]

Bullet with butterfly wings


I still believe that I cannot be saved


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Zoya (group gift)

Crown: Kalopsia – Desert Crown

Makeup: Ghost’Ink Face Tattoo :: Bleeding Tears:: ( Omega )

Dress:  [Fetch] Nahk Dress (Black) (Maitreya) RARE (New! gacha item @TLF Lootbox)

Arm Straps: [Fetch] Nahk Straps – Arm Bands (Black) (Maitreya) (New! gacha item @TLF Lootbox)

Leg Straps: [Fetch] Nahk Straps – Leg Bands (Black) (Maitreya) (New!gacha item @TLF Lootbox)

Shoes: #EMPIRE – Iberis – Maitreya *MIDNIGHTMADNESS* (past gift)

Tattoo: .:AuricA:. Rena Tattoo HUD



Semi-sweet’s pose: Serendipity: searching for faith…(1) (New! @The Dark Chamber Fair)


Location: Whole Wheat

/anxiety/, Half-doomed, Semi-sweet, serendipity poses, wasabi pills

Closing time


Open all the doors and let you all into the world

Half-doomed’s attire:

Hair: little bones. Buffy – The Blondie

Lipstick: anxiety %pony (catwa)

Top: Blueberry – Group Gift – Tank Top (group gift)


Semi-sweet’s outfit:

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Patty Mesh Hair (New! @Ultra)

Eyeshadow: anxiety %highkick (catwa) (New! @Skin Fair)

Lipstick: anxiety %pony (catwa) (New! @Skin Fair)

Earrings: .:*:. Kotolier .:*:.  P001 *4-silver* / P001 *1-silver* / P001 *2-silver*

Top: Blueberry – October – Group Gift – Venus (group gift)

Tattoo: Serendipity: happy unicorn… (fresh)-Omega (New!)