Semi-sweet, serendipity poses, wasabi pills, [Fetch]

And I’m still having chase dreams



Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Lizzie Mesh Hair (New! @The Seasons Story)

Sleeping mask: [Fetch] Messy Sleeper – White Mask (New! gacha @Bloom)

Eyeshadow: FetchxVeechi – #6 Bold Matte Eyeshadow [catwa] (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Eyelashes: FetchxVeechi – #1 Wisp Eyelash Kit [catwa] RARE (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Blush: FetchxVeechi – #3 Petal Baked Blush [catwa] (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Top: [Fetch] Messy Sleeper – No Adult Shirt RARE (New! gacha @Bloom)

Pants: [Fetch] Messy Sleeper – Hearts Pants RARE (New! gacha @Bloom)

Brush: FetchxVeechi – Eyeshadow Brush 01 (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Wipe: FetchxVeechi – Makeup Remover Wipe [add] (New! gacha @The Epiphany)



Skybox: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Blanket Fort Skybox RARE (gacha item)

Bed: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Bed [PG] (gacha item)

Boxes: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Crate Table Crate Table & Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Record Crate (gacha item)

Vynils: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Record Pile (gacha item)

Record: Stockholm&Lima: Failed Adulting Record Player (gacha item)

Make-up pile: FetchxVeechi – Makeup Clutter RARE (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Palettes: FetchxVeechi – Natural Foiled Eyeshadow Palette & FetchxVeechi – Baked Blush in Petal & FetchxVeechi – Wisp Eyelash Kit RARE (New! gacha @The Epiphany)

Wipes: FetchxVeechi – Makeup Wipes in Cucumber (New! gacha @The Epiphany)



Semi-sweet’s pose: Serendipity: tenderness…(2) (New! @HASHTAG Event)

Half-doomed, Semi-sweet


Firestorm-bin 2016-07-17 01-21-39-75Firestorm-bin 2016-07-17 01-51-35-72Firestorm-bin 2016-07-17 01-33-57-67

Half-doomed’s attire:

Hair: Analog Dog – zoe – LIGHT BROWNS (free gift @The Hair Fair)

Headdress: Belle Epoque Eider 1 Ivory (@The Forest)*

Eyeliner: ::SG:: Eyeliner For U (4) for CATWA MESH HEAD ONLY (10L in her MP Store)

Nose chain: .aisling. Karishma Nose Chain (Gacha prize)

Choker: +aesthetik+ Chunky Metal Necklace + Gold (free gift in their MP Store)

Necklace: SPELL Thor’s Hammers Necklace (@The Forest)

Arm Jewelry: TABOU. Missy armjewelry  Gold (past gift)

Bracelet: MINIMAL Monica Bracelet (@The Forest)

Bracelet 2: .random.Matter. Faelyn Bracelet (@The Forest)

Ring: MINIMAL Monica Ring (@The Forest)

Tunic: Luas Mila Tunic Emerald

Microphone: . offbeat . la la la love song  On the Air mic White/Pink (@The Forest)


Semi-sweet’s outfit:

Skin: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Amaya” (@The Forest)

Hair: little bones. Gem (free gift @The Hair Fair)

Head accessory: *LODE* Head Accessory  Forest Beauty [original forest] (@The Forest)

Face paint:[Fetch] Luna Makeup (New! @The Secret Affair)

Lipstick: [Fetch] Eartha Lipsticks (New! @The Secret Affair)

Necklace: SPELL Ilargi Necklace (@The Forest)

Bracelet: SPELL Viking Bracelet (@The Forest)

Bracelet 2: OXIDE Midsummer Bracelets (free gift @Indie Teepee)

Ring:  SPELL Moon Phase Ring (@The Forest)

Dress: Luas Astrid Brown

Leg tattoo: Reckless. Joon II (group gift)



Stage: ionic A Forest  stage-house (@The Forest)

Mannequins: NOMAD Bright Headed Mannequin (@The Forest)

Butterflies: .::Cubic Cherry::. Flutter butterfles group Bliss  (@The Epiphany)

Roses: Mesh Plants Climbing Rose Small Red

Trees: ::TeddyJr:: Fir tree Dark Green 16.5m

Lillies: [ keke ] wild lilies (@The Forest)

Grass: HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass02 gold & Sweet Garden Grass07 a



Half-doomed’s pose: an lar [poses] The Soft Series Five

Semi-sweet’s pose: fri. & fri. juliette


*For more info about The Forest Event visit: